Race Rules

      I confirm that I have read the RACE RULES, COVID REGULATIONS, and WAIVERS and ACCEPT and AGREE TO ABIDE by them. I note that COVID Regulations may CHANGE to be aligned with Government Regulations and that these changes will be sent to my by SMS and/or email.
      * All entrants will participate under the rules of World Athletics, ASA and CGA and it is the athlete’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the rules.* In addition to the above there are specific race rules that will be enforced: o By agreeing to enter the event, the runner automatically agrees to abide by the above rules, race rules, and any final instructions issued prior to race day.* Particular attention is drawn to the fact that ASA Rules have been updated for 2022 and runners must review these in detail.* Foreign runners whether long stay or visiting must apply for the (new) foreign temporary number and have a specific waiver to complete. For this reason entry must be made directly through the race office.* Note: o The Johnson Crane Marathon will be using a combination of batches and wave starts with a Contender / Elite batch system. (ASA Rule 1.1.D.4 and Covid regulations apply)o To allow for flexibility in the case of changes to Covid rulings every runner will be required to indicate a previous performance over a selection of distances. o ALL Contenders / Elite will be required provide proof of their performance level at time of entry. o Those qualifying for the Elite Contender batch will have a Gun to Mat finish time and abide by all athletic federation rules o Runners not in the Contender / Elite batch will not be eligible for any positional prizes but WILL have the benefit of Mat to Mat (net) timing and relaxation of certain rules. o ATTENTION IS DRAWN TO THE ASA RULES 7 AND 34.
      * Runners must, at time of entry, declare if they meet and wish to be considered as Contenders for awards, or not. This includes age group / good for age runners: o The criteria to qualify for this seeding is provided in a table based on Distance, Gender and age: The Table is on the Entry Form and web site. (Refer ASA rule 7 and 34 in particular)* Marshals and traffic officials must be obeyed at all times. Failure to comply with their instructions will lead to immediate disqualification. Any abusive or threatening action or comments to marshals, traffic officials, or technical officials will result in security removing the runner from the race and a report to both the Provincial federation and the runner’s club for additional disciplinary procedures.* NO SECONDING OR VEHICLES WILL BE ALLOWED on the route:* Refreshment stations (+3km) will provide Coke and water. o Do your bit to ensure that the race is litter free. o See also Covid Compliancy as used items are considered medical waste, making littering an offence. * The race committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry.* Subject to World Athletics rule 8.2, the Referee’s decision is final.* Regret no wheelchair athletes, blade, cyclist or mechanically operated device allowed in the races.* No animals are allowed in the races.* No pushing of prams or other wheeled carrier is allowed.
      COVID COMPLIANCY:* All Local, International Athletes, Support Staff and Contract workers on Johnson Crane Marathon on Sunday 06 March 2022 are requested to submit their COVID 19 Vaccine Certificate. When entering please capture your EVDS number.* The South African Government recommend that people should vaccinate* Based on current regulations, persons entering any race collection, meetings, and / or any other gathering before or during and before the Start of the race will need to fill in the COVID screening form / register, sanitize and do the required temperature check that will be made available at the perimeter to such event.* Race pack collection will be held at:Boksburg Sportsmans Warehouse Cnr Rietfontein & Madeley Rd Shop 5-6, East Rand Value Mall, Hughes, Boksburg, 1459, South Africa +27 11 823 3203At time of entry Runners (only) will be required to select one of 9 collection times: * Thursday 09:30 to 12:30, 12:30 to 15:00, or 15:00 to 17:30* Friday 09:30 to 12:30, 12:30 to 15:00 or 15:00 to 17:30* Saturday 09:00 to 12:00, 12:00 to 14:30, or 14:30 to 17:00.* Runners must collect numbers personally due to the Covid screening form. Any consideration for multiple collections will be based on Covid regulations at time of race pack collection and will be communicated to runners by in the final Race Number Confirmation mailer, to be sent out in week preceding the race. * On race morning runners will be screened on arrival and must provide their screening form prior to going to their allocated holding areas. PLEASE DO NOT FOLD forms, have them open so the runner’s temperature can be marked on the forms and filed. * Entrance to the ground will only be as follows: o From Tom Jones as pedestrian or vehicle to parking and then through screening gates (this is preferred entrance)o Pedestrian ONLY from Liverpool street (which is blocked at Harpur Road Fire station) from back gate. * The race will be started in batches based on seeding. Race numbers will indicate the holding area batch. Batches will be advanced into the start area in timed rotation. * The 10km will also start in Batches after the relevant 10km contender and elite batch who will be timed on Gun to mat. Second and subsequent batches are timed on mat to mat basis. * Covid regulations require runners to collect refreshment from the tables and no one is allowed to hand runners any item at any point along the route * Under Covid All refreshment table waste is considered “medical Waste” and runners must dispose all drink containers in the refuse and recycling bins at the refreshment stations. (See also ASA Rule 28)* At the finish the runners will enter two 20 metre “no go zones” one prior to the gantry and one after the gantry. These are kept clear such that medical can see and assist any runner in trouble. Runners must clear these zones as fast as possible and re-instate their mask by the time they exit the last 20m No Go Zone. o Do not attempt to take any selfies in the No-Go zones. The official photographer will be taking photos of every runner immediately prior to the finish.* Any doping control or official interaction will occur after the 20m zone after which the runner will enter a tent to collect their medal, finishers drink etc. The runner must collect these items and they will NOT be handed to them.* Runners must leave the finish area immediately after collection of these items, due to covid requirements.* COVID-19 regulations level as Gazette by the South African Government on 01 October 2021 and modified in December 2021- Adhere to all Health protocols- Sanitize at all times- Wear your mask/buff at all times except from start to finish of race and when vigorously exercising outdoors.- Social Distancing, at least one and a half meters- If the persons refuse to disperse, appropriate action will be taken by the designated COVID-19 Enforcement Officer, which may, subject to the Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 (Act No. 51 of 1977), include the arrest and detention of any person at the gathering*NOTE – Should the South African Government enforce any other Alert Level before the race, updates will be done in due time and runners need to adhere to all regulations at that time. It is vital that every runner provides a valid mobile number and email address. These channels will not be used for any promotion or marketing and runners must keep aware for all such messages from Race organization so that any changes in protocol are seen and obeyed.https://www.gov.za/covid-19/about/coronavirus-covid-19-alert-level-1
      CUT-OFF TIMEMarathon & Half-Marathon: 11h30.
      ENTRY INCENTIVE* Please be aware that race T-Shirts are ordered and produced around 6 months before the race. This means it has always been hard to ensure the requested T- shirt size is available at registration as this allocation has always been done on first come first served basis.* The T-Shirt size will be guaranteed for the first 1500 entries in the 42km and similarly in the 21km event. o The current Covid Compliant cap on entries for the events is 4000 in the 42km and 21km combined and 1500 on the 10km* Entries will close when these totals have been reached* NOTE:  All entries will be stopped on Monday 21 February 2022 * NO ENTRY or Entry substitution after 21 February * T-Shirts are collected at registration ONLY and NO T-shirts will be handed out on Race day
      INTERNET ENTRYIn order to capture all data, and particularly those runners applying for Elite / Contender / good for age status, you may only enter online at www.johnsoncranearathon.co.za Cut-off date 21 February 2022 or when entry limits are reached. Note: In the event of cancellation all fees are non-refundable and a percentage will be donated to nominated charitiesThe Kids Haven www.kidshaven.org, iThemba – Rape and Trauma Support Centre www.traumasupport.org Bramley Child and Youth Care Centre www.childwelfare.co.za
      LICENSED ATHLETESAll licensed entrants must wear valid 2022 license numbers, one on the front & one on the back of their vest in accordance with ASA rule 24.* The race number issued by the organizers must also be worn on the front of the vest, over the license number however not covering any ASA sponsors. * Contenders will be provided with two numbers: one for the front and one for the back. These numbers have chips and must not be folded in anyway.* In the event you do not have a 2022 license you must purchase and run with a temporary license which will be pinned at all four corners on the back of your vest. Temporary Licenses must be purchased at time of entry. * ANY club runner without a 2022 license or failing to wear the necessary Temporary License will be removed prior to the finish line: will NOT be provided with a time: will NOT receive a medal nor any other finishers items: WILL be reported to both their provincial federation and their club for further disciplinary procedures.
      UNLICENSED ATHLETESUnlicensed athletes of the 42.2km, 21.1km and 10km must purchase a temporary license number at time of entry. * This number must be worn on the back of plain clothing and the race number issued by the organizers must be worn on the front. No advertising.* ANY runner failing to wear the allocated 2022 temporary license (on back) will be removed prior to the finish line: will NOT be provided with a time, medal nor other finisher items.

      TIMINGPeak Timing will be used to time the 42.2km, 21.1km and 10km events.
      * The event will be timed mat-to-mat and your timing chip will be attached to your race number* Please make sure you cross all timing mats* Please do not fold or bend your race number as this may damage the timing chip ID AND AGE TAGSAthletes accepted into the Contender and Elite batch must wear the Numerical age category tags on the centre front and back of vests. * Proof of age must be produced on request on the day of the race. * ‘W’ tags are required for walkers competing for prize money.* Age tags will be printed on numbers for all contenders who will be provided with two numbers one front and one back.
      MINIMUM AGES16 years for the 21,1km20 years for the 42,2km
      LISTENING DEVICESThe race route is NOT fully closed to traffic. For safety reasons, participants are not allowed to use earphones, iPods, etc during the race. This excludes hearing aids
      INDEMNITYAthletes indemnify the national, provincial, and regional bodies as well as sponsors and organizers of the race against all or any actions whatsoever nature, whether same may arise out of their participation in the race or otherwise.
      Entries cannot be refunded, returned or exchanged on account of weather or unforeseen events occurring beyond the control of the event organizers.
      I also grant my permission to the Organizer’s or its agents, in terms of Section 51 of the Electronic Communications Transactions Act 25 of 2002, to use my name, race information and any photographs, video tapes, broadcast and/or telecast footage in which I may appear, for whatever use, at no charge.I confirm that I will abide by all covid regulations, restrictions and instructions put in place by the organizers and understand that the requirements at time of entry may be changed by regulations applied by Government, local authority and / or Athletics South Africa by race date and that the organizers have committed to adhering to all necessary Covid regulations, while trying to minimize the impact on runners and race logistics.